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What type of system do I need?

If you’re looking to go solar you have a few different options. Each type of system has potential for different levels of savings, depending on how much energy you use and when you use it. When we do a consultation we look at your property and your energy consumption so we can recommend a solar system that benefits you the most.


panels + inverter
With a grid-connected solar system you’re using energy converted directly from the sun. Excess energy is fed back into the grid and you also draw electricity from the grid when there’s no sun.


Panels + inverter + battery
A hybrid system is still connected to the grid but excess power is stored in the battery for later. The best of both worlds, you make more savings, but you can draw energy from the grid when you need.


Panels + inverter + battery + generator
Off grid means you’re not connected to the grid at all, so you generate all your own energy. Sometimes a generator is used for back-up power. Never pay an electricity bill again!

We bring you the best quality system

Our solar systems are made up of quality products from manufacturers with a significant presence in Australia. We don’t carry any of the cheaper, bottom tier products, so you’ll always know you’re getting a high standard.

This is important because higher quality components operate better at higher temperatures, so you get more energy output from your system.

The amount of power your system generates will depend on the amount of sun the building receives, the positioning of your solar system and the time of year.

Our expert energy consultants will design your system so it receives as much sun as possible, all year round.

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