Solar battery system

Hybrid systems are also called Battery Storage Systems, Hybrid Systems, Home or Solar Batteries, and Energy Storage Systems (ESS).
There are different products and set-ups out there, but the idea with all hybrid systems is to make you as self-sufficient as possible while still being connected to the grid.

Why you’ll save more with a battery
Batteries allow you to make more savings because you can store power for later. If you’re out during the day and use more power at night, a battery is perfect because power is usually more expensive in the evenings.

Why bother with a battery when I have the feed-in tariff?
Generally you always get a better return if you store and use your own power, rather than selling it back to the grid. This is because the cost of power, especially at night, is higher than the price you get for your power with the feed-in tariff.

That said, each case is different. Batteries are a bit like shoes – there is no one size fits all. That’s why we examine your energy bills and your property to find the best option for you.

Already have solar panels installed?
If you already have a standard solar system, it’s possible your inverter won’t be compatible with the new battery, so we’ll need to evaluate your entire system. For this reason we often recommend investing in a hybrid system upfront, rather than getting the solar panels first and adding a battery later.

Whether you already have solar panels, or you’re installing a new hybrid system, we’ll make sure you get the best system for your energy needs.

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