Hybrid systems

Our hybrid systems use the world’s leading battery and inverter brands, with the most advanced technology on the market.

Depending on what you need, we design a bespoke system or use the world-first Fronius all-in-one package.

For a custom system we use a few combinations:


Goodwe inverter with BYD or LG batteries.

SMA inverter with BYD or LG batteries

Fronius inverter with fronius battery

Fronius energy package

The Fronius Solar Battery is an all-in-one battery system. The leading integrated storage and inverter package on the market, this system combines their award winning hybrid inverter technology with LiFePO4 storage units.

Fronius has also introduced extra features into their hybrid inverters like multi-flow technology and complete system monitoring, a big step forward for home energy.

The Fronius Solar Battery boasts many technical advantages. It’s built on LiFePO4 technology, enabling longer life, more usage and high power density, which means you can deliver more battery power to your devices at any one time.

The Fronius Solar Battery can be configured in 1.5kWh blocks, from 4.5kWh all the way to 12kWh, so there’s a perfect size for everyone.

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